Tom Liebau


A fortunate stroke of serendipity

For years, I’d shout out the encouraging familiar phrase, “Go Achilles” when I’d cross paths with an ATC member in Central Park. And in the moments following, I’d have thoughts about volunteering but that’s as far as it would go…just thoughts.

Then one day in 2013, a colleague of mine said he wanted me to meet a great guy named Charles who sat across the hall from him. He mentioned Charles had lost his sight a few years back and had recently taken up running. As soon as we met, the detailed sharing of running experiences began to flow. A few story sessions later, Charles suggested we run together one Tuesday night in Central Park. Gratefully, I took him up on his offer, soon became a guide, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. Charles has become a great friend, spectacular runner, and an awesome training partner. And by the way, he’s now faster than me!

Bottom line: the athletes and volunteers I’ve met through Achilles are truly the epitome of camaraderie and mutual support. And today, I hear the phrase “Go Achilles” from a very different perspective because now I’m a part of it.

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