Told you so

February 15th — It’s Monday night in NYC.  An unexpected snowfall flushes the New York population from their respective office buildings to their oversized apartments for a night of hibernation.  The last thing anyone wants to do is think about going outside in this weather.
I pick up my phone and text one of my running buddies, Anthony Butler.  We’re supposed to run 5 or 6 miles tomorrow morning.  In this mess.  The last run we did during the week was well under 20 degrees — we certainly know how to pick them.
My first text read: We pick the crappiest days to run. haha.
His reply: It’s the crappiest time of the year.  What do you want to do?
I respond: I want to do it anyway and post to Charles 😉  We have to take a pic at the end to push him (for Boston)
He finishes with: Let’s do it!
This exchange of texts occurred after both of us commented on Charles and Matt’s Facebook post of their run through the polar vortex.  They didn’t take the day off.  Charles is training for Boston and he has run himself into a different category of human.  I can’t keep up with him anymore, but I’m glad Matt and Stefan can still match his efforts.
Last year I wrote a post called, “This does not end at the finish line.”  It was about the continued effect Charles and his Team have on all the runners they encounter.
You better believe Anthony and I went for our run this morning amongst melting ice and confusing patches of ice and pavement.  I almost fell on my butt.  Several times.  Anthony almost fell on his butt.  Several times.  I can’t believe he trusted me to guide him through this nonsense — such trust.  Already a good friend.
I vented about life, he listened.  Selfishly, that helped me.  Then he told me he was probably going back for another run tonight.  I remembered Charles’ last post — who the hell are these people and how do they end up at Achilles???
There’s no profound conclusion here.  I wanted to document what goes on in between races.  In between seeing the other members of Team Charles.  Most importantly, this is one more example of how Charles continues to push me, even when I haven’t seen him for awhile.
Charles: It didn’t end at the finish line.  Told you so.
Your friend,

2 thoughts on “Told you so

  1. Hello, salut,
    je m’appelle Martial, j’étais au marathon de NYC 2015 que j’ai effectué en 3h26 avec mes guides.
    Je viens de voir un article de presse sur ta performance au marathon que je mets sur mon faceboock “des yeux pour un coureur”
    j’espère que nous aurons l’occasion de nous contacter et pourquoi pas fouler le béton ensemble
    bien sportivement
    Martial WIRZ

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