The sauna


Friends, I need to talk to you. As part of my preparation for the NYC marathon, I go to the gym quite often, and they have a wonderful sauna there. But being blind makes it a little difficult to enjoy this place, here is why:

First of all, when I’m looking for a seat, I’m always afraid to feel my way to the bench, but that’s not the main issue.
When I’m finally seated, relieved, I never know if the other men in the room are in their bathing suit or not, and I don’t see myself casually asking “guys, do you mind if I get naked?”

So I stay in my bathing suit, thinking to myself, gosh, I wonder if they all think that I have something to hide. I discussed this with my wife, and she told me to go in a towel. But now I’m wondering, how and when do you take it off? She said that it was a slow and very weird process, but I can’t quite wrap my mind around it.

Anyway, your advice is welcome.

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