I forgot how nice it can be to be alone after a long run. I did 14 miles today, it was wonderful, now I’m totally useless. I decided to lay on the grass to stretch but I’m just day dreaming.

Central Park is so regal, a quiet lake, a few bicycles passing by, the cicadas, what else do we need?

My body is covered in sweat, I’m still breathing heavily, my legs are throbbing, I am beat. I look at the sky, I love being that tired, I am in another world. I feel so satisfied. No one will ever know about my performance today, it doesn’t matter. It was just an epic battle against myself. There was everything, hatred, anger, love and passion. It was a great self-loathing moment directly followed by an instant of intense pride. If I were a painter, I would call this dynamic the agony and the ecstasy.

Everything around me is perfect, even the little children yelling in the background. They are mischievous, amusing, totally oblivious of my current state of mind, they make me feel so far from the world. The philosopher says that beauty arises when the soul is satisfied. Nothing can bother me right now.

I can’t help but try to imagine how I will feel after the marathon, I want to know. Oh I would give everything for a second like this, alone, laying down, utterly satisfied. It will be my moment, selfish and eternal.

But I am starting to be cold, I must go on.

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