NYC Tri – ‘Feeling’ the bike course


Last Thursday I brought Charles to Tailwind Endurance on 23rd Street to ride the NYC Triathlon bike course on a Computrainer! We had gone there before and it wasn’t until then that we realized how much bike technology has evolved. Integrated shift/brake levers are indeed a recent invention! With that sorted out Charles embarked on the 40km NYC Tri course, conquering the hills of the Bronx and the rollers along the West Side Highway. While I did my best to keep him abreast the profile … sometimes those 8% grades came by surprise. Next time you ride, imagine you could only shift by feel – not knowing how long that next ‘kicker’ will be.

What I admired most is that Charles didn’t finish at 8PM (the scheduled end). He worked his way all the way to the virtual finish and completed the course in 1h and 42min. While race day will be different, with a guide to shift and communicate and ‘double the power’, this was an excellent way to get the feeling for this course.

… to be repeated ….


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