Not a .9 kind of day

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Last week, Matt and Stefan, my usual guides were out of town, so I had to look for someone to run 18 miles with me on Sunday. Thank god, I know a lot of masochists, so I did find two people, Dustin and Thomas, that each agreed to guide me for 9 miles. It was […]

He is an Ironman

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The great thing with Achilles is that there are a lot of inspiring people joining each workout. Stefan, who will be one of my guides for the marathon is one of them. For most people an Ironman is a lifetime achievement, for him, it became a routine. This week-end he did the Mont Tremblant Ironman […]


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I forgot how nice it can be to be alone after a long run. I did 14 miles today, it was wonderful, now I’m totally useless. I decided to lay on the grass to stretch but I’m just day dreaming. Central Park is so regal, a quiet lake, a few bicycles passing by, the cicadas, […]

The sauna

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Friends, I need to talk to you. As part of my preparation for the NYC marathon, I go to the gym quite often, and they have a wonderful sauna there. But being blind makes it a little difficult to enjoy this place, here is why: First of all, when I’m looking for a seat, I’m […]

100 days

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Les amis, When I lost my sight, a few years ago, I quickly realized that I had a choice. I could either stay at home, in the dark, in the comfort of my loneliness, or I could go out and do something that always inspired me. What was paradoxical is that every day my vision […]

NYC Triathlon Race Report

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My alarm rings, it’s 3:30 AM. I get up right away, excited and determined. Down on the street Broadway is surprisingly busy. It’s before dawn and humid already,not a good sign, I think to myself that I will suffer during the run. At every triathlon, I am amazed by the amount of equipment that we […]