It can be wonderful to need somebody


n the summer, there are a lot of new people that join our running group at 90th street and 5th Avenue. It’s nice to see new faces, to make new friends. In addition, it’s always a bit of a challenge. I say that because no matter what, when there is a rookie, we always want to prove ourselves, push a little harder.

This Tuesday, it was 90 degrees, very humid, a typical New York summer evening. On my way to the workout, I was thinking to myself how happy I was to meetup with my friends for a run in Central Park. But I also realized that just a few months ago, I was still very resentful.

It took me a long time to accept that from now on, I will need somebody to go for a run, to hop on a bike etc. It was not just about running, it was a whole new way of life that I had to adjust to. That anger is still there sometimes, but it’s just a vague echo now.

That night, my friends didn’t think about all of that. They were not here to guide me, they were just here to see who could run faster, who could suffer a little longer. I felt like a kid. Of course I had a tether in my hand, but that tether was just a bond, a proof of our friendship. I loved that moment, sometimes, it can be beautiful to need somebody.

By the way, they kicked my ass!

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