2019 French Paratriathlon National Championships

When you think about French nationals, you probably think of a glamorous race in Nice or in Paris, but this year, it was held in Montlucon. If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry, I didn’t know either until last weekend. Montlucon is a charming city in the center of France, where the weather […]

We did it!

The New York City marathon isn’t a race, it’s a love letter. The City, like an old mischievous mistress reminded me in a few hours why I love her so much. I could tell you that I finished 15 minutes slower than I had hoped, that I suffered a lot after mile 18, that I […]

Running in circles:

Yesterday I went to the track for the first time in years. It was strange to be there, next to the East River, with Brooklyn in the background, remembering my days in college in France. I use to run the 1500 meters, I was quite terrible, but I loved it! The people there didn’t seem […]

Counting the Ducks

I don’t want to reinforce certain stereotypes, but I must say that I’m a bit of a jock, and I’m not the best in math. It doesn’t really bother me in my triathlon experience, except when I’m at the pool. Yes, think about it, when I do one or two miles in practice, that’s a […]

NYC Tri – ‘Feeling’ the bike course

Last Thursday I brought Charles to Tailwind Endurance on 23rd Street to ride the NYC Triathlon bike course on a Computrainer! We had gone there before and it wasn’t until then that we realized how much bike technology has evolved. Integrated shift/brake levers are indeed a recent invention! With that sorted out Charles embarked on […]