Told you so

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February 15th — It’s Monday night in NYC.  An unexpected snowfall flushes the New York population from their respective office buildings to their oversized apartments for a night of hibernation.  The last thing anyone wants to do is think about going outside in this weather. I pick up my phone and text one of my […]

Inner dialogue

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Why on earth did I sign up for the Boston marathon? What the fuck am I doing out here? It’s so cold, I can’t even feel my toes. Now I know what a polar vortex is. Ok, another 8 miles to go. How much would I be ready to spend for a hot chocolate right […]

My new year resolution

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When I was a little boy, I use to admire swimmers at the pool. I’m not sure why, but in my naïve mind, a good swimmer had to be a great man. There is a fascinating grace, a power, a confidence that exudes from a great swimmer. Another important thing is that I was very […]

A ferry tale

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It is amazing to be in this ferry surrounded by runners. We all know that most of us will do the same exact trip in three weeks to go to the start of the NYC marathon. There is a very special energy in this boat. Today I will run with Nacho and Matt, Stefan is […]

Run until the end:

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There is nothing like an email from race organizers a few days before a triathlon that says: “Despite severe weather conditions, the race is maintained.” Since I have been very lucky so far, I had no idea how “severe weather” could affect a race. I knew that the wind would slow me down on the […]

A proud moment

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Yesterday Charles, Matt and Dustin ran the NYC Marathon Tune-Up race. NYRR puts this race on the calendar and it semi-officially starts the marathon season. I thought it would be a great way for Charles and our team of guides to practice race day routines and pacing. And boy did it work! Charles and I […]

Not a .9 kind of day

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Last week, Matt and Stefan, my usual guides were out of town, so I had to look for someone to run 18 miles with me on Sunday. Thank god, I know a lot of masochists, so I did find two people, Dustin and Thomas, that each agreed to guide me for 9 miles. It was […]