Racing with the stars

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As Stefan and I racked our bike between Aaron Scheidies and Erich Manser, I thought for a second that I had bit off more than I could chew. To give you a quick idea of who they are, Aaron won the World Championships not just once, but seven times, and Erich broke the world record […]

My share of the humble pie

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When I was on this shaky dock, getting ready to dive in the Hudson with Thomas I was very optimistic, maybe even a little cocky. I prepared all winter for this race, I felt much stronger than last year, especially in the water and on the bike. But the New York City Triathlon was about […]

A light in the night

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I feel like a child talking to Santa, amazed, inspired and a little intimidated. I know that I am experiencing something very unique, very special. I’m sitting on a bench next to Jason Romero, one of my favorite person on earth. He is ecstatic, but most of all, he seems exhausted beyond words. Just like […]

Running alone

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When I was in college I would often go for a 30 minute run in the vineyards of Bordeaux. It was really beautiful, I was alive, making a statement in this ideal decorum. But it was a lie. I wasn’t in love with running, I did it as a way to challenge myself. My sight […]

My Boston marathon

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I am half asleep on the massage table, the masseuse kindly asks “where does it hurt?” I think to myself “the good question would be where am I not in pain …”. A poor fellow is on a stretcher next to me, my guide is “discreetly” throwing up in the background, wow, that was a […]

Running Toward Boylston:

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“Part of what made the Boston Marathon special to me was its historical importance. I had no idea I was going to become part of that history. I wasn’t running Boston to prove anything; I was just a kid who wanted to run her first marathon.” In 1967 , knowing that women were not allowed […]


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All my guides are exceptional people, but some of them are also exceptional athletes. Since I run three or four times a week, I have a group of about ten masochists that take turn to suffer with me. Some of them will never compete with me, some of them will guide me through the toughest […]