Racing with the stars

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As Stefan and I racked our bike between Aaron Scheidies and Erich Manser, I thought for a second that I had bit off more than I could chew. To give you a quick idea of who they are, Aaron won the World Championships not just once, but seven times, and Erich broke the world record […]

My share of the humble pie

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When I was on this shaky dock, getting ready to dive in the Hudson with Thomas I was very optimistic, maybe even a little cocky. I prepared all winter for this race, I felt much stronger than last year, especially in the water and on the bike. But the New York City Triathlon was about […]

California Dreamin’

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What was different? Just a month ago, I was laying on the grass by the finish line, icing my left ankle, disappointed and exhausted. I had just failed to qualify for the Paratriathlon National Championships by only two minutes. I would have to wait another year, I would be ready this time. I was learning, […]

I’ll meet you there

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“I’ll meet you there.”  How many times have you said that in your life?  How many times did you really mean it?  How many times did you plan to cancel, but thought you’d make the effort? “I’ll meet you there,” was the last thing I said to Charles before I hung up around 5pm at […]

A light in the night

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I feel like a child talking to Santa, amazed, inspired and a little intimidated. I know that I am experiencing something very unique, very special. I’m sitting on a bench next to Jason Romero, one of my favorite person on earth. He is ecstatic, but most of all, he seems exhausted beyond words. Just like […]

Running alone

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When I was in college I would often go for a 30 minute run in the vineyards of Bordeaux. It was really beautiful, I was alive, making a statement in this ideal decorum. But it was a lie. I wasn’t in love with running, I did it as a way to challenge myself. My sight […]