Running with an Entourage

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Yesterday we set out on a light training run in the heat and humidity of NYC! Charles and Nacho were interviewed and filmed for their upcoming story (stay tuned) about the NYC Triathlon. Charles wanted to run part of Sunday’s course, so we ran an unconventional clockwise 5M loop, covering the last 4-5 miles of […]

New York City Triathlon

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“If God invented marathons to keep people from doing anything more stupid, triathlon must have taken Him completely by surprise.” P.Z. Pearce The Hudson river will probably lose a lot of its charm once I will be swimming on Sunday, and I promised my wife that I will do my best to not swallow any […]

Tom Liebau

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A fortunate stroke of serendipity For years, I’d shout out the encouraging familiar phrase, “Go Achilles” when I’d cross paths with an ATC member in Central Park. And in the moments following, I’d have thoughts about volunteering but that’s as far as it would go…just thoughts. Then one day in 2013, a colleague of mine […]

Matt Leibman

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I remember my last long run training for the 2013 NYC marathon. This was the last hurdle until I would taper, culminating in a goal that I had spent months training in order to cross the finish line in Central Park. Unfortunately, my knee and hamstring had different plans for me, and my 21 mile […]

Time travel

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Being French, and married to a Francophile, I wanted to go to France this summer, so here I am, in the middle of June, in my beloved Brittany. When I last came here a year ago, my vision was much better than it is now. I have to guess, to remember, it is a little […]

Stefan Irion

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Like so many I came to Achilles’s Tuesday night workout one sunny day in the summer of 2014 and I have returned ever since. When I came, I did not know that I would meet so many people that are truly inspirational! During my first workout I met Charles and we immediately bonded over our […]

Charles-Edouard Catherine

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Why did it start: “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” Kathrine Switzer I always admired marathoners, but I didn’t think of myself as one of them until very recently. It was actually a complex and interesting process. RP (retinitis pigmentosa)is slow and insidious. It’s an eye disease […]

Dustin Abanto

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I met Charles last year at one of the Saturday meet-ups for Achilles. The wind chill brought the temperature below zero, and a light dusting of snow would show its face as we took our first morning strides. For those unfamiliar with Achilles’ workouts, they begin with a pairing process dependent on how far and […]

Mission NYC Marathon

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NYC Marathon – one of the great events on the marathon calendar. It is the one marathon that brought running races to the masses and captured the imagination of millions of runners. Only a fool would run through all 5 boroughs of New York City and today there are more than 50.000 ‘fools’ each year! […]