2019 French Paratriathlon National Championships

When you think about French nationals, you probably think of a glamorous race in Nice or in Paris, but this year, it was held in Montlucon. If you don’t know where that is, don’t worry, I didn’t know either until last weekend. Montlucon is a charming city in the center of France, where the weather […]

What I learned through my struggles in 2018

Social media, (this blog is no exception), tends to highlight the beautiful and shiny part of our existence. Today I’ve decided to show you another side of my journey as an athlete, one made of struggles and challenges. I’ve been through a lot this year, I feel stronger and better than ever, I hope to […]

For Franny

May is a wonderful month for triathletes, the season finally started, this is my second year as captain of Tri Achilles. It’s been a busy winter and I’m excited for the future! The team is growing, we recruited more coaches, we have many new athletes and incredible stories to tell. Francesco, one of our young […]

Would you marry a blind person ?

As a child I would often ask myself if my future wife would be blind. I didn’t want to marry a blind person. I would justify it by thinking to myself that it would be too inconvenient, that she would have to be able to drive, to help me with certain tasks etc. But the […]

charles catherine

Our first race on the international circuit!

If you saw Thomas and me on this parking lot, packing our tandem in a beat-up cardboard box, changing in a rush to catch our flight without having a chance to shower, you would understand all the charm and all the absurdities of Paratriathlon. This weekend we were in Florida for the 2017 Sarasota ITU Paratriathlon […]

My blue dream

Even when everything goes wrong during a race, there is a silver lining, something to hang on to. Those are usually the most enlightening races. As my brother Bertrand is massaging my injured hamstring, I am holding a new blue jersey, smiling despite a disappointing 4th place. I am now a member of the French National […]

The cost of my Olympic dream

Many people think that money has tainted professional sports, even the Olympics. But when it comes to the Paralympics, one thing is sure, all the athletes involved do this because of their passion for their sport. The word amateur derives from the Latin word, amator, or lover. An amateur is someone who dedicates himself to […]

One more gear

This New York City triathlon was very special for me. I have been captain of the Tri Achilles team for a few months now, this race is our main event of the year and I really wanted to show this City what we could do! I was surprisingly relaxed on race morning, it was great […]